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Rihanna' Good Girl Gone Bad Album Professional Ratings

Do you think Rihanna's new album is worth a good comeback? It's not the best album I heard from her, but I absolutely think it's worth... What's all the songs in Rihanna's new album good girl gone bad? What is all the song in Rihanna's new album good girl gone bad? What is the font on Rihanna's album LOUD? ...right hand side advertising the album: http://rihannanow.com/ album cover here: http://images4.fanpop... When does Rihanna's next album come out? ... out, but when does her next album debut. I'm a HUGE Rihanna fan and i would relly like to know what is rihanna next album? what is Rihanna's next album? when it's gonna come out and if someone know... whats the name of rihanna's new album? hi what is the name of rihanna new album is it russian roulett or wait... What are all the songs on rihanna's album Loud ? Where can I find the official lyrics from Rihanna's new album Loud? There are no lyrics on the booklet, on her website eather... On iTunes, how do I make each song part of the same album? I have a Rihanna album, Loud"...have the same artist/album artist, I ... rihanna new album ???????????????????? is that true rihanna is going to have Parental Advisory sticker on her new album just asking

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Rihanna' released date, recorded, genre, Label, Producer, chronology of Good Girl Gone Bad Album.

Third Album, Good Girl Gone Bad is Studio album by Rihanna

Released 30-May-07

Recorded October 2006–April 2007
Westlake Recording Studios
(Los Angeles, California)

Genre R&B, dance-pop

Length 46:00:00

Label Def Jam

Producer The Carter Administration (exec.), Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers (also exec.), Hannon Lane, Ne-Yo, Neo Da Matrix, J. R. Rotem, Tricky Stewart, Stargate, Shea Taylor, Timbaland

Rihanna chronology
A Girl like Me-2006
Good Girl Gone Bad-2007
Rated R-2009

Rihanna' Singles from Good Girl Gone Bad:

"Umbrella" Released: March 29, 2007
"Shut Up and Drive" Released: June 12, 2007
"Hate That I Love You" Released: August 21, 2007
"Don't Stop the Music" Released: September 7, 2007
"Take a Bow" Released: May 6, 2008
"Disturbia" Released: July 22, 2008
"Rehab" Released: October 6, 2008

Professional ratings of Rihanna' Album Good Girl Gone Bad:

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars
Blender 3.5/5 stars
Entertainment Weekly (B+)
The Guardian 3/5 stars
The New York Times (favorable)
Pitchfork Media (7.4/10)
PopMatters (7/10)
Slant Magazine 3/5 stars
USA Today 3/4 stars
The Village Voice (mixed)

When is Rihanna releasing her sixth album? I have all of her albums except for her second album What album is the song Bad Girl by Rihanna on? I really want to get it, but I don't know the album! Rihanna songs/album ? How come on youtube Rihanna has songs like Sexuality, Bad...the club,, etc, and there not even on her new album... ? Whats the point? What do you think of Rihanna's new album Rated R? i havent heard it yet, and i wanted to know what you think of it. Has anyone else noticed that songs from Rihanna's new album are really dark? ...Russian Roullette and others on the album seem really dark and her videos... Which single do you think is the best from Rihanna's Rated R album? None of these singles can compare to some of the singles from Good Girl Gone Bad. But... Why are some of Rihanna's new songs not on her album? I have Rihanna's album Good Girl Gone Bad, but her new song isn't on it... how much does an album cost in china? I want to buy like black eyed peas, kesha, usher, rihanna albums...how much would it cost? so do you think rihanna's new album will release on itunes? ...39; i cant find the song on itunes, and the album, which comes out november 23, is... Favorite Rihanna song from her album Loud? Rihanna, Song, Loud, S&M, Hits, Album, Her, Sing, Songs, Radio, R&B, Pop, Dance, Soal

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